Premier Program: 11U-19U

What is the Spokane Foxes Pumas FC Soccer Premier program?

Our premier soccer program competes at the most competitive levels in the State as well as regionally with a goal to compete nationally. Premier teams compete in the Washington State Premier league and PSPL Classic Premier with opportunity to make National Premier League and Northwest Champions League. We offer tryouts each spring to form girls and boys teams ages 13-19. 

What is the difference between Select and Premier Soccer?

These terms are often used interchangeably, but there are some key differences. Premier soccer is the highest level of amateur soccer in the state. It involves playing soccer year around, paid licensed coaching, 2-3 practices per week, 2-5 tournaments per year, and multi-state travel in the older age groups. Select involves training half of the year, volunteer/semi-volunteer coaching, and travel limited to mostly Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho.

What are the benefits of playing Premier Soccer?

The benefits are experience coaching, higher level competition, more intensive skills development, longer seasons, more playing opportunities, more training sessions, and having teammates who share a common commitment for becoming high level soccer players. Players who strive to play on their junior high, high school or college soccer teams will benefit from the high quality soccer training they receive from playing premier soccer. In fact, most all of today’s high school teams are comprised of players that play at a premier level. The simple truth is that soccer requires advanced foot-eye coordination which is only mastered by putting a lot of touches on the ball at a relatively young age. Many coaches believe that proper “feel” for the ball must be learned before the age of 14. In countries where soccer is the primary sport, the game is played early and often by young players. Premier soccer gives an aspiring player more opportunities to develop their skills at a young age so that they can reach their true potential.

How long is the season?

Premier soccer can be a year ‘round activity. Teams generally start practicing right after tryouts and team selection. Older teams generally attend 3 to 4 summer tournaments which may be local or out-of-state. Younger teams usually attend 2 to 3 local tournaments. Tournaments are a great opportunity for the team to bond and get to know each other better, and they are an important tool in gauging the team’s ability and development. League seasons begin depending on the gender and age of the team. Older (U15+) teams will play their premier season opposite that of the local high school season to avoid scheduling conflicts and overuse injuries. BU15-BU18 teams play a fall season and GU15-GU18 teams play a spring season. U10-U14 teams play both a fall and spring season. At the conclusion of their season, all teams enter a post-season State Cup tournament. Cup play guarantees at least three games; after that, teams continue playing until they lose or compete in the Finals. The Finals of the State Cups are held approximately one week prior to the next season’s tryouts.

Why should I or my child be interested in Premier soccer?

The Spokane Foxes Pumas FC soccer program provides training and development to qualified players to assist them in advancing to play at the highest levels of play available. Many high school and college teams are chiefly comprised of players who have demonstrated their ability through Advanced Development Programs. If your child has progressed through recreational soccer and wants to take their game and skills to the next level, Spokane Pumas FC Club can take them as far as they want to go.

What is the time commitment?

Premier soccer is a large time commitment–but that’s why most players join–because they love soccer! Expect 2 to 3 practices a week that are from 1 1/2 to 2 hours long with the time of the day dictated by the coach and field availability. This means practice times and days can both change so some flexibility is needed. Tournaments are on weekends and coaches often use some weekends for “friendly” scrimmages set up with other teams within the club or those teams from neighboring clubs. These are all key factors in developing player skill, team unity, and game strategy so it’s important that every player is committed. During the fall season there are typically only one to two games per weekend — on Saturdays and Sundays for all players. Game times vary and are assigned by the “home” team depending on field availability. A player wishing to get more touches on the ball may train with other teams in our club if it works for schedule of team etc….